Consulting - Giles Watson
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I work with practices and individuals in a variety of ways to help them reach their potential:

Strategic direction / operational insights / implementation / personal coaching / structured practice-improvement program / consulting practice manager/specific projects

legal project management

 Legal project management

Are you delivering?

I can help you better define client value and priorities through a more client focused approach to client engagement. Then its about delivering results through effective matter management – always focused on the business/personal priority rather than just legal technicalities.




 Implementing value pricing

Happy clients? Profitability up?

The successful implementation of value pricing requires new mindsets, new skills, new processes and new documentation. I can help you make it all work.



Practice health check

How you doing?

I can help you assess you performance and recommend practice development priorities. With a mix of profitability analysis and discussion, I will point the way to higher profitability and practice success.




Positioning and differentiation

Why should a client choose you over your competitors?

I can help you find your niche and craft the value propositions and differentiating messages that will make you stand out and appeal. I will help you build and reinforce you personal and practice brands.



business models

Refining your business model

Time to try something new?

I can help you review and assess your current structure, suggesting changes that could give you a competitive advantage and play to your strengths.



Practice start-up

Are you ready for the next big adventure?

I can help you develop or stress-test your strategies, get the basics set up and set you on the path to success.




Processes & documentation

Have you got the infrastructure to support further growth?

I can help you get all the essential documentation in place.



pricing productivity

Pricing & productivity

Are you getting paid what you’re worth?

I can help you monetise the value you are creating for your clients.




Succession / Buying & Selling practices.

Buying? Selling? Transitioning?

I can help you review the options, assess value and realise your goals.




Are your team performing as you want them too?

I can help you develop the skills and strategies that will help you lead your team to personal an practice excellence.




Complaints and regulatory support

LSC hassles?

I can review your management and compliance arrangements and ensure you are doing everything possible to eliminate future complaints.



Client experience, customer value

Is customer experience your competitive advantage?

I can help you  research your performance and build the skills, systems and culture needed to make your customers/clients love you.



costs communication

Costs communication.

Get many costs complaints? Or can clients see the value?

I can help you reduce costs dissatisfaction and refine your written and spoken communications so that clients understand the deal, recognise the value and feel good about what they are paying.



Value focus and service guarantee

 I will collaborate with you to agree a scope, approach and budget that delivers maximum value for your practice which will affect your law firm’s profitability. I prefer to value price (fixed fees), but will work on a time-cost or other basis as required.

I guarantee that, as my client, you will receive cost-effective services delivered in a timely manner to ensure your law firm profitability.  I will not waste my time or your money on activities that add no value but will let you know where similar value or results could be obtained more cost-effectively elsewhere (by using other people or resources).

I cannot guarantee outcomes, but I do guarantee your satisfaction with my service. If at any time I do not perform to your satisfaction, I ask that you inform me promptly. I will then resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing my fees.